Her Mom Passed Away More Than 2 Decades Ago, But She Just Received Letters From Her


Over 20 years ago, Amanda Lemmond lost her mother to bone cancer. The 10-year-old was placed in foster care with nothing more than a stuffed Easter bunny to remember her by.

Lemmond thought her past had been forgotten. Then, a strange box arrived on the porch of her Colorado home. Inside were photos, her birth certificate, and, most incredibly, letters her mom had written just weeks before she died. While moving, the executor of her mother’s estate found the keepsakes and forwarded them along.

Watch as she finally reads one of the letters her mother wrote her over two decades ago.

Lemmond told NBC News:

“After my mom passed away, I was shipped all over the country. From Washington States to Texas, to Louisiana, to Texas, back to Washington, back to Texas — in and out of state care — foster care. These are a glimpse into my past that I’ve sorely longed for, for over two decades now.”

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The letters might be 23 years late, but every word still means so much. Now I have to go call my mom.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/late-mom-letters/

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