Father And Daughter Kayakers Get A Surprising Ride From A Whale.


While out kayaking in the sea near Puerto Madryn in Argentina, these two got the surprise (and footage) of a lifetime. After this father and daughter had approached a couple of Right Whales out in the bay, one of the whales wanted to get a closer look. He swam right underneath them and then surfaced. The duo was about to get the ride of a lifetime. Excited, yet obviously startled, the father and daughter kayakers were stranded for a little while atop the massive whale’s back. It wasn’t long before he dove again, lowering the kayakers back into the water.

It would be hard not to be frightened during an encounter with such a massive creature. This is one kayaking trip they’ll never forget! Share this once in a life time experience with your friends by hitting the button below.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/whale-kayak/

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