The Book Lover In Your Life Absolutely Needs What This Guy Just Made


If you’re a book worm like me, then all you really need to be happy in life is a good book, a comfy seat, and enough natural light to get lost in another world for hours on end.

However, if your house is set up anything like mine, you also know that most of the comfortable places to read also happen to be the most heavily populated. But fortunately for us, Imgur user jonnybuilds is sharing his secrets to building a reading nook that will look great in every home.

Check out the design project below. Just wait until you see the finished product!

Stopping by his local home improvement store, Jonny began with two large sheets of plywood that he later cut down into pieces shown below:

Then he broke down the sheets down into four 18-inch panels.

In order to cut the seat backs to their desired size, he set his saw blade to a 37 degree angle.

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With the seat backs cut to size, they could be nailed and glued together.

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Next Jonny assembled the base of the nook using a center support and two dividers.

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Our builder then attached the bottom panel.

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Before moving on with the project, he needed to take a “test sit.”

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With most of the build complete, the time had come to attach the hardwood maple face frame.

Imgur / jonnybuilds

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He just used tape to attach the pieces initially.

Imgur / jonnybuilds

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After choosing an awesome patterned fabric, our designer assembled the cushions before scotch guarding them.

Imgur / jonnybuilds

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All that was left to do was to add the cushions to the seat area, shelve some books, and prepare for a lifetime of stress-free reading.

Imgur / jonnybuilds

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