He Thought This Bird Was Just Eating A Piece Of Bread, But Instead? Wow.


Crows are among the smartest birds, let alone animals, in the world. In fact, scientists have found they’re at least as smart as a seven-year-old human. So it shouldn’t come as a shock when they find ways to show off their intelligence.

Yet when Oren Hasson was sitting by a pond in Ramat Gan, Israel, he didn’t know any of this. Instead, he simply saw a crow fly over to the middle of the pond with a piece of bread in his mouth. What he captured the crow brilliantly doing, though, left him in shock!

Believe it or not, Hasson would eventually see more than ten crows accomplishing the same feat: placing bits of bread into the water, moving them around before they floated away, and capturing fish with the soggy bait. If that’s not the ultimate display of animal intelligence, we don’t know what is!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/crow-bait/

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