This Is Exactly Why They Say That Hockey Is The World’s Most Brutal Sport


What would you say is the most brutal professional sport? If you’re American, you might say football, and why not? From the outside, football looks pretty intense. However, I’d like to pose a new theory: hockey, not football, is actually the most brutal sport of all time.

If you’re looking at the physicality of hockey, it’s just as intense as football. But in football, they’re playing on grass, not ice, and no one is wearing razor-sharp skates. What happened to Richard Zednik back in 2008, for example, highlights the insanity that can occur when blades meet ice.

WARNING.This footage is pretty disturbing.

Luckily for Zednik, they were able to get him to a hospital quickly enough to save his life.

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Upon reviewing the play, officials determined that it was the skate of Zednik’s teammate Olli Jokinen that almost killed him. The blade cut Zednik’s external carotid artery, which explains why there was so much blood.

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After cleaning Zednik’s blood off of the ice, the game went on as scheduled.

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Since then, Zednik has made a full recovery, and he continued playing hockey until 2013. He’ll always have a scar to remind him of that terrible day.

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The verdict is in: hockey is much more brutal than football (or any other sport, really). If you disagree, just go see a game for yourself.

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