Foul: Juan Williams thinks Benghazi no big whoop, a ‘waste of time’ [vid]


Did Juan Williams really equate questions on #benghazi with “who shot JR”?@foxnews #thefive

— Twin66 (@Twin66) April 30, 2013

Yes, he did.

Real journalist” Juan Williams pulled both a Hillary “What Difference does it Make?” Clinton and an Oliver Willis. Media Matters’ Oliver Willis also grossly diminished the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi by turning it into a sick joke. Care about the lives of Americans murdered in Benghazi? Asking questions and fighting for justice? You are stupid rubes and those dead Americans are simply fodder for punchlines.

Juan Williams, filling in for the also loathsome Bob Beckel, upped the disgusting ante when Fox News’ “The Five” discussed the Benghazi investigation and President Obama’s dodging. Watch, if you can stomach it. The shake fisty is strong with this one.

Beyond repugnant. How dare he? Four Americans died. They were murdered. The administration has done nothing but stonewall and lie. And he not only criticizes those who seek truth and justice, but he demeaned those lost lives by equating them to the television character J.R. Ewing.

A waste of time would be trying to find your soul, Mr. Williams.

Twitter users are outraged and rightly so.

@TheJuanWilliams@ eric boling @greggutfeld your quote on The Five”you guys want to find out who shot JR this is a waste of time” #reallyJuan

— Sandy S (@SandyColtsfan) April 30, 2013

Juan Williams:Obama being informed & following up on #Benghazi is ‘a waste of time’ #thefive

— Mary Margaret (@mmhbamafan) April 30, 2013

ConcerningBenghazi situation, Juan Williams says on THE 5, “You guys wanna go back and find out who shot J.R.”You’re a disgrace, Juan.

— TRON SIMPSON (@TRONSHOW) April 30, 2013

Juan Williams just compared finding the people who killed the four Americans in Benghazi to wanting to find out…

— Darrell B. Harrison (@deacondarrell) April 30, 2013

! @greggutfeld @ericbolling @danaperino Juan we are NOT talking abt DALLAS & JR Ewing. WE ARE TALKING ABT 4 MEN WHO WERE MURDERED. #Benghazi

— M. Barton (@crookedwren) April 30, 2013

@danaperino Juan Williams needs to go he is horrible for your Show. To equate the murder of an ambassador to JR Ewing is just horrendous

— ral (@rkrager8) April 30, 2013

@juanwilliams doesn’t care who was responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans in #Benghazi @fnthefive

— Steve Lemois (C) (@stevelemois) April 30, 2013

@hollyr_j Juan Williams and Hillary Clinton should team up. What difference does it make? and It’s a Waste of Time! Sickening!

— David Warren (@DavidWarren25) April 30, 2013

Juan williams..finding out what happened in #benghazi is A WASTE OF TIME..u sir r a waste of breath

— jasmine (@rustianna10) April 30, 2013

So Juan Williams on #THEFIVE just likened getting eyewitness testimony on what happened in Benghazi that night to rehashing ‘who shot JR’.

— Grumpier Than Thou (@drawandstrike) April 30, 2013

#JuanWilliams #Benghazi investigations are not a “waste of time” ass wipe!!!

— Leslie (@lesliedc3009) April 30, 2013

@juanwilliams Yes, it does matter, to hold those accountable for 4 #Benghazi deaths so they won’t have the chance to do it again. @fnthefive

— Steve Lemois (C) (@stevelemois) April 30, 2013

@jdun1989 did you catch Juan Williams asinine comment on Benghazi. It’s a waste of time!! Unreal! What difference does it make! Sickening!

— David Warren (@DavidWarren25) April 30, 2013

So Juan Williams on #THEFIVE just likened getting eyewitness testimony on what happened in Benghazi that night to rehashing ‘who shot JR’.

— Grumpier Than Thou (@drawandstrike) April 30, 2013

@dt48rastanura But if a loved one of Juan Williams had been murdered in #Benghazi I bet he wouldn’t think it was a “waste of time”.

— Neecie (@NeecieTN) April 30, 2013

Memo to Juan WIlliams… 25 hearings and still NO ANSWERS on #Benghazi. What part of coverup is it that you don’t understand?

— The Head Jerk (@TheHeadJerk) April 30, 2013

@darrellissa blew his credibility on #fastandfurious? #juanwilliams are you KIDDING? @fnthefive

— Eggsterguy (@eggsterguy) April 30, 2013

Juan Williams on #benghazi survivors – “You guys need a crisis.” No. We have a crisis. He’s in the White House. #thefive We need to fix it.

— Sean 316 (@ramit48) April 30, 2013

Viewers found Mr. Williams so loathsome that they are longing for Bob Beckel.

Juan Williams is on The Five sitting in forBob Beckle….he’s a bigger idiot than Bob!

— Jeff Hester (@WheelsRTurnin) April 30, 2013

Juan Williams makes Bob Beckel look like Prince Charming.

— Holly Renee (@hollyR_J) April 30, 2013

Juan Williams makes me nostalgic for Bob Beckel. I forgot what a complete idiot Williams is

— Kent Plumley (@KentPlumley) April 30, 2013

Juan Williams is A JOKE! Ask him if O.J. did it! Wow when I miss Beckle that really says what I think of this MORON!

— Patrick J. Peterson (@_patrick8778) April 30, 2013

@fnthefive #fact RT @jkellone: I would rather Bob Beckel than Juan Williams…and I loathe Beckel

— Steve Lemois (C) (@stevelemois) April 30, 2013

Look, when people prefer a cretinous misogynist to you, Mr. Williams, you are doing it wrong. But, hey, you won’t even notice, will you. It’s hard to see clearly when one is so blinded by sycophantic Obama idolizing.

Greg Gutfeld provides a palate cleanser with a zinger.

“If the embassy in #Benghazi had a Planned Parenthood in it attacked by pro-lifers, maybe someone would have come.” ~ @greggutfeld #TheFive

— talkradio200 (@talkradio200) April 30, 2013


As for you, Mr. Williams: For shame. We can only hope that you plagiarized those disgusting comments, as is your tendency, instead of actually believing them.


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