Jason Biggs’ wife to Dan Savage: I was ‘stoned’ by Michelle Malkin



Jason Biggs’ wife, actress Jenny Mollen, is celebrating National Coming Out Day in the traditional manner — by boldly outing herself as a victim of Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin’s penchant for “stoning” people “for things they believe in.”

Bless her precious, victimized heart.

While interviewing tolerance bully Dan Savage on a web show we’ve never heard of called “Brain Food Daily,” Mollen complained about her “run-in with the whole Michelle Malkin/right-wing blogosphere crowd.” She asked Savage, “What are your thoughts on these far right groups, other than that it’s the year 2012 and people should probably not be stoned for things they believe in?”

See, after Malkin highlighted Mollen’s misogynist jab at Janna Ryan and her vulgar tweet about her husband getting it on with eighth graders (aka rape), poor little Jenny discovered just what it’s like to be a rape victim stoned to death by Islamists in Somalia.

It must have been absolutely horrific when Twitchy published verbatim quotes of Mollen’s disgusting tweets after they were retweeted by her hubby, a voice actor on the children’s show “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” And the permanent scars must be unbearable from the time Twitchy defended her right to free speech while exercising our own right to call her out on her filthy tweets.

Just like stoning!

Out: “It Gets Better.” In: “It Gets Bitter.” Not to mention overly dramatic and a touch cuckoo.

Right on cue, Savage took the opportunity to bash Malkin and her fellow bloggers as “lonely nutjobs in their basements” and “a bunch of assholes.”

Here’s a transcript of the exchange, starting at around the 2:10 mark of the interview:

MOLLEN: Last week Tony Perkins of the Family Research Center threatened to sue you for things you said about his organization. I recently had my own run-in with the whole Michelle Malkin/right-wing blogosphere crowd and it wasn’t fun. But what are your thoughts on these far right groups, other than that it’s the year 2012 and people should probably not be stoned for things they believe in?

SAVAGE: Well, my thoughts are that if you’ve pissed off Michelle Malkin, you’re doing it right. They’re waiting to be pissed off, waiting to be outraged. This is what the Internet did. It made sort of organized communities out of a lot of lonely nutjobs in their basements — on the left and the right. I welcome their outrage because I think they’re a bunch of assholes. And if I’ve done something to piss them off, I did my job that day.

Hat tip: BettyAnn

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/10/11/jason-biggss-wife-whines-to-dan-savage-that-she-was-stoned-by-michelle-malkin-and-right-wing-bloggers/

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