A Woman Eating Live Scorpions Is Horrifying…I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin


One of the best parts of traveling is experiencing the culinary delights of different parts of the world.

From a Western perspective, China offers up some of the most…unique foods of all time. More specifically, Chinese street food is unlike anything you’ll find in most parts of North America or Europe.

As evidence, I present to you the following video. It features a woman at a market in China enjoying some tasty skewers…of live, baby scorpions. I know — it sounds insane. Stranger yet, she seems to be genuinely enjoying the taste of them.

Best not to watch this around lunchtime, I think.

I’m all for trying new foods, but I think eating squirming baby scorpions is just a little too exotic for me. To each their own, as they say.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/scorpion-eater/

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