A Man Was Out In The Wild, Enjoying Nature When All Of A Sudden… OMG. This Showed Up.


Are you a nature lover? Me too. I love to go into the wild and watch the animals in their native environment. Although by animals I don’t mean anything that could eat me. ;) So when Alaskan bear enthusiast Drew Hamilton recently set up camp near the McNeil River to watch the area’s numerous brown bears fish, you can imagine the shock he got when a certain visitor came a little too close for comfort. Here’s a hint. He could eat you!

Watch the full video below:

How scary is that?! One minute you think you’re being careful, staying out of the fray, and observing from a distance. And then… suddenly… OMG. Awesome. Source: Twenty Words via YouTube

Read more: http://viralnova.com/unbelievable-wild-visitor/

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