Funeral concluded in Tonga for King George Tupou V


Awww everyone standing for our National Anthem! Very Emotional time in Tonga

— Lini Lolohea (@LiniLolohea) March 27, 2012

A tribute To His Majesty our Beloved KingGeorge Tupou V via Tu'a Ofa Atu

— IsagirLL-Boogie (@IsagirL33) March 26, 2012!/SnowyMalekamu/status/184463327206977539

Heres’ the report from BBC News:

The body of the late king arrived back in the islands on Monday from Hong Kong, where he died earlier this month.

After the state funeral, Tonga will be in mourning for three months.

The late king’s brother, Crown Prince Tupouto’a Lavaka, will be invested as monarch on Saturday.

For his state funeral, his body is being transported about 300 metres to the royal tomb.

During three months of official mourning people are being encouraged to wear black, and celebrations and music are being discouraged.

As the funeral was drawn to a close, the outpour of sorrow and respect for the King was made clear from citizens of Tonga and those who respected him around the world:

late King funeral gets tweeted live! 1st for Tonga. RIP HM King George Tupou V @FreddieTuita luv & condolences to HMQ & royal family. xoxo

— Marina Latu (@MarinaLatu) March 27, 2012

R.i.P. to the King of TONGA. I was born & raised in America but still have the utmost respect for the man.

— CHEK (@Cheka_Boo) March 27, 2012!/MissPetiBaby/status/184462947182059520

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