The Phone Call This Woman Received Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine


Have you ever gotten a butt-dialed voicemail from someone? They’re typically nonsensical and you can hardly make out anything being said. However, what one woman thought was a butt-dial voicemail quickly turned terrifying when she listened to it again.

The woman, only known as Judy, missed several calls in a row from her childhood home where her elderly mother still lives. One of the calls ended with a voicemail. When she played it back, her blood ran cold. It was a familiar voice from her childhood…the voice of a ghost.

As a child, Judy had been tormented by a dark presence in her home. It got so bad that her parents needed to call a priest in, but that didn’t help. Now it seems like the spirit wants to talk once again.

(via Week In Weird)

I know it’s a little hard to make out, but it sounds like someone (or something) is saying her name over and over again under all the static. What do you think? Does this ghost know how to use phones, or is this simply the butt dial to end all butt dials?

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