A Reporter Spotted A Man As He Drove Into Floodwaters…His Reaction Is So Hilarious


Houston has been ravaged by floods recently, and they are truly historic in nature. Six people have died and thousands more have been left without power. The rain totals are breaking records in the area, leaving the city reeling.

In the middle of his report on the weather, KTRKHouston’s reporter Steve Campion witnessed two cars drive straight into the flood waters. At the sight of the second car, Campion felt compelled to intervene and rescue the man driving. All of this during a LIVE BROADCAST! Have a look at this rescue and see Campion’s reaction, which is priceless.

Wait…why are you doing that?

(via Jalopnik)

Why, indeed! Live television, everyone. Hopefully, the rain stops and the floodwaters recede soon so that people don’t accidentally put themselves in more danger.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/flood-rescue/

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