The Kolobok Is From An East Slavic National Fairy Tale, And Its Cartoon Is Horrifying


Most fairy tales have a dark and violent origin.

Take, for example, the Children’s and Household Tales, a collection of German fairy tales first published in 1812 by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Most people know the collection as Grimms’ Fairy Tales and they were notoriously morbid.

The Kolobok is small loaf of bread that comes to life and escapes the home of an elderly man and woman. The Kolobok meets various animals that try to eat it, but it escapes. The bread is known to sing, “I got away from Grandmother, I got away from Grandfather, and I will certainly get away from you”.

For being a wild and carefree loaf of bread, though, this cartoon version of the story from 1990 is surprisingly horrifying.

This can’t be for kids…right?

Fairy tales — apparently, they’re not meant for children.

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