Video: Justin talks about voter ID


As you’re probably aware, the DoJ and Democrats everywhere are pushing back hard against Voter ID laws in a number of states, including Texas and Wisconsin. Here’s a take on voters’ rights and privileges.

In Chicago, you can’t buy drain cleaner without a photo ID. But vote? Oh, yeah.

Somehow, we suspect, the bad actors who want to get their hands on potentially harmful caustic chemicals are going to find a way, law or no law.

Shocking revelation by Holder and DOJ: Latinos can't get valid photo ID! This has been a Truth Team update,…

— Kevin Jackson (@Theblacksphere) March 13, 2012 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Justice Department Rejecting Texas’ Voter ID Law

— Team Rick Perry (@TeamRickPerry) March 13, 2012

Wisconsin, Texas Voter ID Laws Blocked; It’s Democracy, Not Judicial Activism

— Madville Times (@madvilletimes) March 13, 2012

Voter ID Laws Struck Down in Texas, Wisconsin Promising trend. Barriers erected to block fraud that isn't happening.

— Jay Ulfelder (@jay_ulfelder) March 13, 2012

Holder plays race card to block Texas voter ID law (@times247) Of course the white house would block this; 7 options

— Nancy Berry (@NancyBerry) March 13, 2012

.@AriBerman "This voter ID law is really about ensuring Texas stays Republican despite its minority growth." @JoeNBC @NowWithAlex #P2 #P2b

— Bill (@CallOutJoe) March 13, 2012

Illegitimate President Blocks Legitimate Vote: Obama administration blocks Texas voter ID law. #VoterFraud #tcot

— Peyton James (@peytonjames) March 13, 2012

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