What He Does With A Slab Of Wood And Some Resin Will Amaze You


I like to live dangerously…and by that, I mean I never get a smartphone case. It’s my way of living on the edge…

On the other hand, it’s also my way of saving a few bucks. However, if I were as crafty as Positive couple, I’d definitely make this cool phone case out of wood.

First, he traced his phone onto a slab of wood.

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He drilled out the center where the phone would ultimately live.

Then, he cut the excess off.

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After a ton of sanding…

What he did with this stuff is where it really becomes cool!

Watch the entire DIY to see how it turns out!

How cool is that?! You’ll never lose your phone again in the dark.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/glowing-iphone-case/

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