Her Baby Was Trapped In A Deep Hole…Then This Passerby Came To Save The Day


It’s probably one of the hardest things to experience as a mother…when your little one is in trouble, but you’re completely helpless.

And that’s exactly what this man came across when he found a beautiful brown mare standing still on a bridge in the middle of nowhere.

He noticed that she was looking down at something and it obviously had her distressed, praying for a miracle. That’s when this kind Good Samaritan decided to approach her and see what was wrong. Strolling towards her quietly, not wanting to scare her away, he soon knew exactly what was wrong. What he did next is incredible!

(via LittleThings)

Looking at this mother horse, there’s no question she knows that without this man’s help, she never would have been able to save her baby. Stepping aside and not even trying to stop him, it’s times like these when you really understand that despite what we think, humans and animals truly can speak the same language. The language of love.

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